Course image A104:MBChB 2021/22

MB ChB Course Moodle Space

Welcome to the 2021/22 home page for the MB ChB at Warwick Medical School.

This Moodle space exists to support communicating information to all MB ChB students.

Information specific to each cohort is communicated via the Cohort Moodle spaces.

Below are some links you may find useful.

Course image B9XD:Medical Education 2021/22
Course image B91Z:Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research 2021/22
Course image B902:Public Health 2021/22
Course image CF10:Integrated Science (MSci) 2021/22
Course image MD1A1: Foundational Laboratory Skills & Computing Skills 2021/22
Course image MD2A2: Integrated Science Laboratories 2021/22
Course image MD2B1:Food: Nutrition and Malnutrition 2021/22
Course image MD2B2:Pathways 1 Clinical Skills 2021/22
Course image MD2B3:Infection: Prevention and Outbreaks 2021/22
Course image MD9A7:Frontier Techniques in Biomedical Research 2021/22
Course image MD9A8:Essential and Transferable Research Skills 2021/22
Course image MD10X:MBChB Phase 1 2021/22

Phase 1 2021 Cohort

Phase 1 learning is organised into a short introductory block followed by five blocks of five weeks each focussing on the foundations of science and medicine.

Phase 1 Academic Lead:  Dr Anne Green
Phase 1 Admin Lead:  Laura Cranshaw

Year One of the MB ChB.

Course image MD20X:MBChB Phase 2 2021/22

Phase 2 2020 Cohort

Phase 2 gradually increases the amount of time spent learning in healthcare settings including hospital and community-based clinical learning.

Phase 2 Academic Lead:  Professor Olanrewaju Sorinola
Phase 2 Admin Lead:  Emma Hall

Year Two of the MB ChB.

  • Bridging to second year
  • Advanced Cases 1
  • Core Clinical Education
  • Academic Days
  • Student Selected Components (SSC1 and SSC2)

Course image MD30X:MBChB Phase 3 2021/22

Phase 3 2019 Cohort

Welcome to the Phase III Moodle pages. Here you will find everything you need to make the most out of this exciting time as a senior medical student. You will be preparing for your Finals exams, your prescribing assessments, and for practising as a doctor.

We have a large team of clinicians, educators and administrative staff working across the region to give you the best possible learning experience in Phase III.

Please let us know what is working well, and if there are any areas we can improve. As well as exciting and rewarding, some students can find Phase III stressful at times. If you do, please make sure you talk to someone - remember your CPT and the student support team are always on hand for support or advice.

Years 3 & 4 of MB ChB.

  • Advanced Cases 2
  • Academic Days
  • Specialist Clinical Placements
    • Care of the Medical Patient
    • Care of the Surgical Patient
    • Acute Medicine 
    • Psychiatry
    • Musculoskeletal Healthcare
    • Child Health
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • General Practice 
  • Student Selected Component 2
  • Elective
  • Revision Block
  • Assistantship

Phase 3 academic lead:  Dr Paul de Cates

Course image MD969: An introduction to interactive content with H5P 2021/22
Course image MD969: H5P Sandbox Space 2021/22
Course image MD990: Introduction to Health Economics (for non-economists) 2021/22
Course image ME914: MSc Dissertation (Occurrence A1) 2021/22
Course image MH903: Social Determinants of Health (Occurrence A1) 2021/22