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The module is designed to replicate for undergraduates the typical experiences of an early career researcher, and to equip them with some of the necessary skills to be effective in such a role. Outside this narrower field the module will also offer undergraduates the chance to work as independent researchers, loosely affiliated to other researchers at Monash and Warwick, and in doing so will allow them to practice key employability skills in an environment where risk and failure are to be expected.

Course Contact:  Dr Nick Monk


Students will attend 5 weekly workshops in the autumn term in which experts will share their knowledge of research at Warwick and Monash. During this period students will be expected to devise their own individual research project and prepare a formal, assessed (but dummy) submission to a funder or funders. This element of the module will be assessed. In week 6 of the autumn term students will travel to either Kyushu or Singapore to meet with Monash colleagues where they will stage a symposium or series of workshops in which they will share their experiences and discuss their projects. Students will keep a reflective journal, which will be the second element in the formal assessment of the work.