Course image CX391:Health and the Environment from Antiquity to Renaissance Venice (Occurrence ACC) 2023/24
Course image CX101/CX201:Latin Language 2 2023/24
Course image CX102/116/117 Introduction to Greek & Roman History 2023/24
Course image CX106/CX206/CX306:Greek Literary Texts 2023/24
Course image CX109:Greek Culture and Society 2023/24

Greek Culture and Society is a one-term module designed as a University Level  Introduction to the world of the Ancient Greeks.

The module fits alongside other modules dealing with Greek Literature, Greek History, Greek Intellectual History and Greek Material Culture.  It is designed both to fill in the gaps and to develop our understanding of the connections between these different aspects of Greek culture and society.

The aims are: 

 to give students a demonstration of the temporal and geographical range of what is meant by "Ancient Greece".

to introduce students to the critical analysis of the wide variety of materials that are deployed to further our knowledge and inform debates about the Ancient Greek World.

to introduce students to the critical analysis of the notion of the Greeks as Founders of Western [European] Civilization.

to introduce students to modern discourses about the place of ancient Greece in Western genealogies of sex and gender.

to offer students basic introductions to the kinds of topic that they can pursue further in their honours modules.

Course image CX110:Roman Culture and Society 2023/24
Course image CX111:Encounters with Material Culture: Objects and Archaeology 2023/24
Course image CX112:Ancient Thought: Philosophy, Politics, Science 2023/24
Course image CX113:Encounters with Greek Texts 2023/24
Course image CX114:Encounters with Latin Texts 2023/24
Course image CX115/CX215 Latin Language 1 2023/24
Course image CX120/CX220: Greek Language 1 2023/24
Course image CX126/CX226:Greek Language 2 2023/24
Course image CX136/CX236/CX336:Latin Literary Texts 2023/24
Course image CX233/CX333:Principles and Methods of Classical Archaeology 2023/24
Course image CX244/CX344:The Roman Empire from Tiberius to Hadrian 2023/24
Course image CX251:The Hellenistic World 323 - 31BC 2023/24
Course image CX257/CX357:History of Medicine in the Ancient World 2023/24
Course image CX262/CX362:Greek Religion 2023/24
Course image CX266/CX366:The Politics of Archaic and Classical Greek Literature: New Mythologies of the Social 2023/24