Course image ST117:Introduction to Statistical Modelling 2023/24
Course image ST118:Probability 1 2023/24

In this module, we develop and enhance your knowledge of fundamental concepts in probability that are essential for all your future studies of probability and statistics. You will learn to you express mathematical ideas clearly, precisely and professionally. The module develops your mathematical reasoning and advanced problem-solving ability in the context of probability theory. 

The module will open on Thursday 28th September 2023.

Course image ST119:Probability 2 2023/24
Course image ST120:Introduction to Probability 2023/24
Course image ST121:Statistical Laboratory 2023/24
Course image ST227:Stochastic Processes 2023/24
Course image ST228:Mathematical Methods for Statistics and Probability 2023/24
Course image ST229:Probability for Mathematical Statistics 2023/24
Course image ST230:Mathematical Statistics 2023/24
Course image ST231:Linear Statistical Modelling with R 2023/24

ST231 covers concepts and methods of statistical modelling and model exploration. After this module you should be able to 

  • explain the theoretical background of linear statistical models and their extensions;
  • fit a model to a given data set using R and interpret the resulting output;
  • define, explore, evaluate and improve a fitted model. 

Course image ST232:Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 2023/24
Course image ST234:Games and Decisions 2023/24

Welcome to ST234

Module Leader name - Dr Samuel Touchard
10 CATS - Department of Statistics
Module Page - ST234 Games and Decisions
Assessment - Coursework 10% + Examination 90%

Human behaviour is notoriously difficult to model - even people who consider themselves very rational often act in ways that seem biased, suboptimal or even incoherent.

That doesn't mean we can't apply any mathematical concepts to human behaviour, however. In this module we will explore some of the ways in which mathematics can be used to underpin a person's approach to decision making and game playing.

We can't guarantee the best outcomes, obviously. But we can give people strategies which will help them avoid irrational strategies and probably poor choices. We'll also consider some of the psychological issues that can lead to such errors in judgement.

Course image ST235:Finance & Financial Reporting 2023/24
Course image ST236:Python for data-analytic tasks 2023/24
Course image ST237:Visualisation and Communication of Data 2023/24
Course image ST301:Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory 2023/24
Course image ST305:Designed Experiments 2023/24
Course image ST318:Probability Theory 2023/24
Course image ST323:Multivariate Statistics 2023/24
Course image ST329:Topics in Statistics 2023/24