Course image 22/23 Maths Assignment Hand-in and Administration Year 1 Terms 1 & 2 2022/23
Course image 22/23 Maths Assignment Hand-in and Administration Year 2 Terms 1 & 2 2022/23
Course image First Year Maths Students 2022/23 2022/23

Here you will find important details for all first year maths students.

Recording of important talks will also be uploaded here throughout the year.

Course image MA1K3:Analysis and Probability 2022/23
Course image MA2K3: Consolidation 2022/23
Course image MA3A6: Algebraic Number Theory 2022/23
Course image MA3B8: Complex Analysis 2022/23
Course image MA3D1: Fluid Dynamics 2022/23
Course image MA3D4: Fractal Geometry 2022/23
Course image MA3D5: Galois Theory 2022/23
Course image MA3D9: Geometry of Curves & Surfaces 2022/23
Course image MA3E1: Groups & Representations 2022/23
Course image MA3E7: Problem Solving 2022/23
Course image MA3F1: Introduction to Topology 2022/23
Course image MA3G1: Theory of Partial Differential Equations 2022/23

The aim of this course is to introduce you to general questions of existence, uniqueness and properties of solutions to partial differential equations (PDEs). Topics in this module include:

  • Method of characteristics for first order PDEs.
  • Fundamental solution of Laplace equation, Green's function.
  • Harmonic functions and their properties, including compactness and regularity.
  • Comparison and maximum principles.
  • The Gaussian heat kernel, diffusion equations.
  • Basics of wave equation (time permitting).

Students who have successfully taken this module should be aware of several different types of PDEs, have a knowledge of some of the methods that are used for discussing existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for the Laplacian, have a knowledge of properties of harmonic functions, have a rudimentary knowledge of solutions of parabolic and wave equations.

Course image MA3G6: Commutative Algebra 2022/23
Course image MA3G7: Functional Analysis I 2022/23
Course image MA3G8: Functional Analysis II 2022/23
Course image MA3H0: Numerical Analysis & PDE's 2022/23

This course gives an introduction to numerical methods for partial differential equations.

Course image MA3H2: Markov Processes and Percolation Theory 2022/23