Engagement Public Relations
Course image Introduction to Engagement Engagement Public Relations

This course is aimed at those who are new to engagement. It’s a great jumping off point for all staff (researchers, teachers, technicians, professors, ECRs etc.) in all the different faculties who want to know more about engagement. If you're coming to us from the Induction Course, the APP TE or EXE courses then you're in the right place. There are details of other training courses we have available on our website

Course image Introduction to BBCRM Engagement Public Relations

This course has been designed for colleagues who will need to use our new fundraising and alumni engagement CRM system.

It will cover:

  • The benefits of the new system;
  • How to log in to the system, change your password and customise your home screen;
  • An overview of individual and organisational records and the data they contain;
  • How to add and edit interactions;
  • Your responsibilities as a user of the system.
Participation in the course is by invite only.

Course image A Beginner's Guide to Public Engagement Engagement Public Relations

This course has been designed for researchers of all levels to gain a basic understanding of Public Engagement and what it means here at Warwick.

Course Learning objectives:

  • To explore what public engagement is, how it applies to you, and why it matters
  • To understand what is meant by “the public” and how to get them interested in what you’re doing
  • To help you set realistic expectations of yourself on what public engagement you can achieve with your research project
  • To help you set out your aims and objectives for your public engagement
  • To explore different methods of engagement and which one you should use
  • To explore potential methods of evaluating your public engagement (including what kinds of things you need to record for REF Impact purposes)

We welcome any feedback on the course content and activities: public-engagement@warwick.ac.uk

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