Course image Chinese Pre-Sessional (20/21) 2020/21
Course image Chinese Resources (20/21) 2020/21
Course image FR117:English & French Translation (for Erasmus Students) 2020/21
Course image FR121:The Story of Modern France 2020/21
Course image FR122:French Cultural Landmarks: Love, Language and Power 2020/21
Course image FR231:Modern Masterpieces 2020/21
Course image FR252:Representations of the Holocaust 2020/21
Course image FR256:The Right in France, from the Dreyfus Affair to the Present 2020/21
Course image FR264:French Presidents and the Media 2020/21
Course image FR266:Introduction to French Linguistics 2020/21
Course image FR267:The Medieval World and its Others: Gender, Race, Religion 2020/21
Course image FR329:Slavery and After: Writing the Francophone Caribbean 2020/21
Course image FR331:Violence, Religion and Revolt in Renaissance France 2020/21

This module investigates issues of political thought (good vs. bad governance; kingship vs. tyranny; rebellion and resistance); the relation between religion and state; and the place of violence, tolerance, persecution and freedom of conscience in society. At the same time attention is paid to the relation between physical conflict and polemics (conflicts fought out in writing), specifically to the role of satires and pamphlets in Early Modern conflicts and disputes ––all hot topics of current research!

You will study a variety of primary sources, including work by some of the best-known writers and thinkers of Early Modern France –from the poésie engagée of (Catholic) Pierre de Ronsard and Rémy Belleau, on the one hand, and the protestant soldier-poet Agrippa d’Aubigné, on the other, over Montaigne’s philosophical Essais, to clandestine pamphlets and diplomatic dispatches. Our materials will also incorporate more recent representations of the era in French fiction and film with Robert Merle's (d. 2004) novel Fortune de France (1977, translated in 2014 as The Brethren) and Patrice Chéreau's film La Reine Margot (1994 / version restaurée 2014) (based on Alexandre Dumas' novel of the same name).

Course image FR336:The Left & Trade Unions in France 2020/21
Course image FR340:States of the Nation: French Cinema & Society from 1995 to the present 2020/21
Course image FR345:Modern French Thinkers 2020/21
Course image FR350:The French Revolution 2020/21
Course image FR355:France and the Orient: the Politics of Difference 2020/21
Course image FR357:Sex and Sexuality in Contemporary French Writing 2020/21
Course image FR1011: Modern French Language I Grammar and Translation (20/21) 2020/21