Course image Computer Science Welcome Week 2020-21 2020/21

Welcome to Warwick! We have put together information that will help you navigate the start of your studies at the Department of Computer Science.

Course image Computer Science Year 3 Module Fair 2020-21 2020/21
Course image Computer Science Year 4 and MSc Module Fair 2020-21 2020/21
Course image CS1D1:Programming and Data Structures 2020/21
Course image CS1D2:Professional Skills (DA) 2020/21
Course image CS1D3:Mathematics for Computer Science 1 (DA) 2020/21
Course image CS1D4:Database Systems (DBS) 2020/21
Course image CS1D5:Networks and Distributed Systems 2020/21
Course image CS1D6:Introduction to data and statistics 2020/21
Course image CS1D7:Management and Business Organisation 2020/21
Course image CS2D3:Artificial Intelligence 2020/21
Course image CS118:Programming for Computer Scientists 2020/21
Course image CS126:Design of Information Structures 2020/21
Course image CS130:Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 2020/21

This module introduces some of the fundamental mathematical ideas that are used in the design and analysis of computer systems and software. The module makes you familiar with basic concepts and notation, helps you to develop a good understanding of mathematical proofs, and enables you to apply mathematics to solving computer science problems. The focus in CS130 is on discrete (i.e. not continuous) mathematics and probability.

Course image CS131:Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2 2020/21
Course image CS132:Computer Organisation & Architecture 2020/21
Course image CS133:Professional Skills 2020/21
Course image CS136:Discrete Mathematics & its Applications 1 2020/21

CS136 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 1 (2020/21)

Module description: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/dcs/teaching/modules/cs136/.

Module web page: https://warwick.ac.uk/dcs/teaching/material/cs136/.

All coursework and information about the lectures will be posted on the module web page.

Course image CS137:Discrete Mathematics & its Applications 2 2020/21
Course image CS139:Web Development Technologies 2020/21