Course image Academic Writing with LaTeX (19/20) 2019/20
Course image PO2D0:Public Policy for 21st Century Challenges 2019/20
Course image PO3A2:War in the Twenty-First Century 2019/20
Course image PO3A3:Quantitative Dissertation 2019/20
Course image PO3A4:The Global Energy Challenge: Environment, Development & Security 2019/20

This is a timely and highly relevant module that will give students the necessary tools to produce well-informed, evidence-based analyses of energy policies, the political thinking behind them, and evaluations of how policies relate to energy system change. Students will develop abilities to engage with and critically evaluate current political solutions to energy issues, including the need for emissions reduction, and to (re-)imagine alternative approaches to change. This should equip students with, highly necessary, skills to reflect upon how energy policy relates to climate change within a complex and changing world.

Course image PO3A5:The Politics of Climate Change 2019/20

This is a timely module that addresses a highly complex political issue: climate change. By the end of the module students should be able to relate the key messages of climate science to the main policy areas involved, i.e. energy, agriculture, transport and buildings, both in terms of how they contribute to emissions and how contributions can be mitigated. They will also have developed the ability to critically engage with a wide range of political approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions - at global, national and local levels. 

Course image PO9A2:Borders and Migration 2019/20
Course image PO9A4:Normative Analysis 2019/20
Course image PO9A6:Secrecy and Spies: British Intelligence in the Modern World 2019/20
Course image PO9A9:Comparing Rising Powers 2019/20
Course image PO9B1:Contemporary Challenges in Global Economic Governance 2019/20
Course image PO9B2:Critical Issues in the Politics of Global Finance 2019/20
Course image PO9B3:Democratisation and Development 2019/20
Course image PO9B4:East Asian Development: National and regional perspectives 2019/20
Course image PO9B5:East Asian Development Policies 2019/20
Course image PO9B7:Examining Rising Powers 2019/20
Course image PO9C2:Issues and Actors in the Global Economic Governance 2019/20
Course image PO9C6:Justice and Future Generations 2019/20
Course image PO9C9:Politics of the Rise of Global Finance 2019/20
Course image PO9D2:The EU as an International Actor: Engaging with the Neighbourhood 2019/20