Course image FI General: Film and Television Studies 101 (19/20) 2019/20

The start of university life is exciting but can also be challenging. As a newly arrived student, you will be confronted with a variety of unfamiliar tasks and activities. You will be required to learn and practise new skills, and to adapt to a new environment as you navigate your way through your academic studies. You may also wonder how the skills you are learning at university may serve you in your future career life, and what choices career-wise may be open to you as a film and television student.

FTV101 is a module that has been designed to support and enhance your studies and university life at Warwick. The module will run throughout the year across all terms. This first part of the module will particularly focus on developing your scholarly skills and easing the transition to degree level study. Being a film and television student within an academic environment means much more than passively watching lectures or films. You will be expected to take notes during classes, actively participate in seminar discussions, and carry out research in the library independently and in your own time. You will also be assessed on all of your modules. FTV101 will provide you with the tools to make the most of your time both within and outside the classroom.

Aims of the module:

  • To provide you with guidance on academic and departmental matters
  • To make you equipped with the necessary academic skills as you navigate your way through your studies
  • To improve your essay and exam writing skills
  • To introduce you to the Services and Support Services available to students at Warwick
  • To introduce you to possible career pathways

Assessment and Attendance

This module is not assessed but attendance is mandatory.

 Failure to attend sessions will result in having this module unrecognised by the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) at the end of your degree. The HEAR is an electronic document that lists your academic achievements and you will be able to give third parties such as potential employers access to your HEAR.

Learn more about HEAR here: https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/academicoffice/examinations/records/hear_higher_education_achievement_report/ 

Course image FI101:Discovering Cinema 2019/20

Welcome to the Moodle module space for Discovering Cinema 2019-20

Here you will find information about the module, including reading lists, handouts, modes of assessment, and announcements

There are also links to useful resources such as the Department of Film and Television Studies Hub, which includes guidelines and advice for writing essays and exams.

If you have any questions about the module or how this Moodle space is being used, then please email the module leader, Matt Denny (m.denny@warwick.ac.uk)

Course image FI102:The Hollywood Cinema 2019/20
Course image FI106:Film History 2019/20
Course image FI109:Visual Cultures 2019/20
Course image FI110:Screen Technologies 2019/20
Course image FI111:Film and Television Criticism 2019/20
Course image FI112:The Business of Film 2019/20
Course image FI113:Theories for Film Studies 2019/20
Course image FI114:Film and Television Analysis 2019/20
Course image FI115:Film Theory 2019/20
Course image FI203:Silent Cinema 2019/20
Course image FI204:World Cinema 2019/20
Course image FI205:Television History and Criticism 2019/20
Course image FI301:Film Aesthetics 2019/20
Course image FI310:Dissertation Option in Film and/or Television Studies for Final Year Students 2019/20
Course image FI325:Horror and the Gothic in Film and Television 2019/20
Course image FI325/FI930:Horror and the Gothic in Film and Television 2019/20
Course image FI326/FI927:Issues in Documentary 2019/20
Course image FI328:The Practice of Film Criticism 2019/20