Course image FR105:Approaches to Reading in English and French 2018/19
Course image FR121:The Story of Modern France 2018/19
Course image FR122:French Cultural Landmarks: Love, Language and Power 2018/19
Course image FR224:Postcolonial Literatures in French 2018/19
Course image FR231:Modern Masterpieces 2018/19
Course image FR251:France & the World since 1945 2018/19
Course image FR252:Representations of the Holocaust 2018/19
Course image FR256:The Right in France, from the Dreyfus Affair to the Present 2018/19
Course image FR264:French Presidents and the Media 2018/19
Course image FR266:Introduction to French Linguistics 2018/19
Course image FR267:The Medieval World and its Others: Gender, Race, Religion 2018/19
Course image FR325:Policing, Pacification and Prisons: Coercive Governance in French Culture, History and Thought from 1925 to the Present 2018/19
Course image FR326:Literatures of the Great War 2018/19
Course image FR329:Slavery and After: Writing the Francophone Caribbean 2018/19
Course image FR332:Politics & Violence in Modern France 2018/19

The aim of this module is to allow students to study a distinctive aspect of modern French politics. France has a history of violence in revolution, counter-revolution, coup d'etat, foreign occupation and protracted colonial wars, not to mention lower-level violence on the streets and in factories. We will look at some influential and important theories of political violence, including those of Georges Sorel, Frantz Fanon, Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. We will also examine actual moments of particularly intense violence -- including Occupation and Resistance, 1940-1944; the Algerian struggle for independence, 1954-1962; and May 1968 -- and ask whether the contemporary French political scene is much less prone to violence than in the past. At the centre of discussion will be important contemporary questions such as: 'Is political violence always wrong?' and 'does liberal democracy represent an advance over other, more explicitly violent forms of political arrangements?'

Course image FR340:States of the Nation: French Cinema & Society from 1995 to the present 2018/19
Course image FR345:Modern French Thinkers 2018/19
Course image FR346:Occupation: Everyday Life in Vichy, France 1940-1944 2018/19
Course image FR350:The French Revolution 2018/19

This module aims to introduce students to the key events, people, and ideas of the French Revolution through contemporary sources. A range of material will be used, from the D├ęclarations des droits de l'homme, to short pamphlets, to Robespierre's speeches, to the words of the Marseillaise. By the end of the module, students will be able to assess both the key events of the French Revolution and the role of the writer in times of revolution, when censorship, rhetoric and propaganda all have a part to play.

Course image FR351:Celebrity and Performance in French Cinema 2018/19