Course image ES1A0:Computational Modelling 2018/19
Course image ES1A1:Engineering Mathematics 2018/19
Course image ES1A2:Introduction to Business Management 2018/19
Course image ES1A3:Professional Engineering Competencies 2018/19
Course image ES1A4:Statics and Structures 2018/19
Course image ES2B6:Starting a Business 2018/19
Course image ES2C0:Analogue Electronic Design 2018/19
Course image ES2C1:Introduction to Biomedical and Clinical Engineering 2018/19


This module provides an introduction to biomedical engineering, its main outcomes (i.e. medical devices) and to clinical engineering as a profession. The module will give an overview of medical technologies for screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and an appreciation for the role of Engineers in medicine and biology across the world and in different contexts (i.e. research, innovation, development, manufacturing, NHS, agencies, ONGs).

Principal learning outcomes

By the end of the module you will be able to: 

  • Identify the large array of biomedical engineering fields.
  • Explain the basic tenets of fundamental technologies in biomedical engineering (i.e. engineering in biology and medicine) including medical devices for screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and end of life. 
  • Analyze trends in technological innovations in the main medical specializations (e.g. cardiovascular, neurology, geriatric, pediatric, ophthalmology) and in the main medical setting (e.g. biological labs, medical wards, imaging units, surgical theaters, outpatient unit, chronic patient home etc.)
  • Understand Biomedical Engineering as a profession and ethical considerations.
  • Critically assess the appropriateness of innovative health care technologies by reading a health technology assessment report


This module will be assessed as following:

  • 30% via a homework assignment (i.e., a 3000-words max assay one one particular healthcare technology), and
  • 70% via a 2 hours final examination (i.e., summer 2019)
More details will be provided in the first week of the module (i.e., Week 16).

Course image ES2C2:Civil Engineering Design 1 2018/19
Course image ES2C3:Civil Engineering Materials and Structural Analysis 2018/19
Course image ES2C4:Computer Architecture and Systems 2018/19
Course image ES2C5:Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics 2018/19
Course image ES2C6:Electromechanical System Design 2018/19
Course image ES2C7:Engineering Mathematics and Data Analytics 2018/19
Course image ES2C8:Failure Investigation 2018/19
Course image ES2C9:Forensic Engineering 2018/19
Course image ES2D0:Industrial Engineering 2018/19
Course image ES2D1:Manufacturing Engineering Design 2018/19
Course image ES2D2:Mechanical Engineering Design 2018/19
Course image ES2D3:Motor Vehicle Technology 2018/19