Course image Policy Lab and Simulation Demo 2023/24
Course image Learning to be a Skilful Negotiator 2023/24

I am delighted to be presenting the Café Diplomatico series of simulations ahead of our training.


This is a series of key negotiation and mediation exercises developed or revised from leading negotiations programs and for the purpose of establishing an accessible open-access training program on negotiations and mediations training. The Café Diplomatico initiative has so far provided negotiations and mediation training to more than 120 diplomats from 35 countries. To the best of my knowledge, Café Diplomatico is the only negotiation training program developed in partnership with an international organization (the Organization of American States, Washington), an international NGO (the Forum of Federations, Ottawa) and a professional community of OAS diplomats. The aim is to use interactive learning to help participants become familiar with the key concepts and practices of negotiations as well as encourage them to develop their own negotiations ‘learning mind-set’.


The negotiation exercises are drawn from those of the leading negotiation programs and handbooks or designed by our team. Café Diplomatico follows the story of a female diplomat facing various negotiation challenges throughout her career. While you will be exposed to these challenges individually and collectively we don't expect you to have any background knowledge. What is distinctive in our training is the use of multi-player, multi-issue, multi-phase mediations customized for the specific needs of your group and the introduction of novel face-to-face and online tools also help participants better familiarized themselves with key negotiating strategies and the challenges of negotiating successfully.


Please do not read the rest of the booklet in advance. It is important that you have this information available during the session online or in print. Please look  at your own instructions only during the sessions. Because of the interactive nature of the training, our workshop will require full attention among participants (in some cases you will be negotiating with just one other person as well as in small and large groups).


This is version of your booklet which includes the summary of the simulation and no answers. I will be sharing with you the full version at the end of the training which includes all (possible) answers and learning objectives, underpinning theoretical reasoning as well as a real world equivalents including references to popular culture. The current version includes links which can help you teach your own Café Diplomatico in the future online or face-to-face.


Simulations are fun and you are not expected to read anything in advance. Could you please bring some coins/small money for one of the simulations? We accept all currencies!


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