Course image HI2A6:Urban Catastrophes: Disasters and Urban Reconstruction from 1906 to the Present 2023/24
Course image HI2A7:A Global History of Food 2023/24
Course image HI2A8:The Formation of American Culture, 1929-2019 2023/24
Course image HI2B8:Caravans and Traders: Global Connections, 1200-1500 2023/24

This one-term module introduces students to the long history of global interactions between different parts of the world through a focus on early connections in the period 1200-1500. By following the circulation of people, knowledge, religion, and goods in the late medieval world, this module compares regions from the Mediterranean and Islamic world to India and China. The module will be set within the theoretical framework of global history, a new(ish) approach which Warwick has been at the forefront of developing. As a team-taught module, Caravans and Traders draws on the wide range of global history expertise represented at Warwick's Global History and Culture CentreLink opens in a new window. Topics include diasporas, material culture, Islamic states and empires, the silk roads, global cities, and medieval travellers. You will also work with a range of medieval sources, including travel accounts, commercial letters, and maps.

Course image HI2C1:Galleons and Galleys: Global Connections 1500-1800 2023/24
Course image HI2C6:Sex and the US Military: from Cold War to ¿War on Terror¿ 2023/24
Course image HI2D2:Corruption in Britain and its Empire 1600-1850 2023/24
Course image HI2D4:Race, Racism and Resistance in Modern Britain 2023/24
Course image HI2E1:Historiography I: Methods and Theories in their Historical Context, 1750-c.1990 2023/24
Course image HI2E2:Historiography II: Recent and Emerging Trends in History Writing, 1990 to today 2023/24
Course image HI2E4:Research Project 2023/24
Course image HI2E7:A History of Modern Mexico 2023/24
Course image HI2E9:Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Norms in the Medieval World 2023/24
Course image HI2G9:The Invention of the American Indian 2023/24
Course image HI2H2:Venice in the Renaissance - Summer School Version 2023/24
Course image HI2H2:Venice in the Renaissance - Summer School Version (Occurrence AO) 2023/24
Course image HI2H3:Out of the Ghetto: Jewish history of culture and life from 1650 to today 2023/24
Course image HI2H4:A Global History of Sport 2023/24
Course image HI2H6:Freedom Fighting: Race, Slavery and War in the Revolutionary Caribbean, 1790-1812 2023/24
Course image HI2H7:Measuring Society: social sciences and social problems in twentieth-century Britain 2023/24