Course image FI106:Film History 2023/24
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What do we mean when we call a fictional character an ‘antihero’? The popularity and perception of the antihero has grown and changed over the history of film and television, but it remains an enduring symbol of social and cultural rebellion on our screens. Why do these mediums seem so well-suited to its expression? And what does the recent rise of the female antihero, or ‘antiheroine’, say about changing gender dynamics and the state of contemporary society more generally? This module will explore these questions through a selection of film and TV that articulates the concept of the modern antihero, which traces its roots back to nineteenth-century Romanticism. We will consider the antihero(ine)’s evolution and meaning through historical and contemporary film and television from the UK, US and Europe.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to:

·       use historical and critical frameworks to understand the antihero’s ongoing cultural importance to film and television

·       critically evaluate and analyse film and television texts both ideologically and formally through their portrayals of antihero(ine)s

Course image FI310:Dissertation Option in Film and/or Television Studies for Final Year Students 2023/24
Course image FI325:Horror and the Gothic in Film and Television 2023/24